Ryan Kashubara: Visual Management in Lean Manufacturing

Everyone including Ryan Kashubara knows the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Transferring this saying to a manufacturing facility would mean that a space with productive visual management tools would be worth a thousand minutes and a thousand dollars. This would happen because visual management allows you to save time, energy, and effort that go into finding items, people, or bottlenecks. You can easily see what is going on both when things go according to the plan and when issues occur.


A visual management system should always be simple and straightforward. You want to have standards for colors, lights, sounds, and signs. The more senses the information appeals to, the faster it can be absorbed. It is also a good idea to use simple cartoon drawings as descriptions. Such drawings can bridge language and literacy gaps and make meetings, documents, and facilities much more effective.


You can use display boards to communicate information about your critical performance indicators to the members of your team. Display boards can be very effective centers of information if you locate them where all the action happens. If you start using display boards on a regular basis, create a standard for them. This will allow your team members like Ryan Kashubara to quickly familiarize themselves with information no matter what part of the process or facility they find themselves at.  


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